Morteza Gheidi
Director of Photography

Morteza Gheidi is an award winning Director Of Photography whose work has taken him around the world shooting feature film and TV commercials, including over 200 TVC’s ,more than 20 feature films, over than 90 shorts and documentaries.
One of his feature film won a prize in Cannes Film Festival also won a prize for cinematography in Manaki film festival which is all about Cinematography. He also Has been As a Producer/DOP for 2 short film which has attended more than 30 festivals around the world that also won prizes.
He operated for Vittorio Storaro in a feature film (Mohammad: The Messenger of God ).

Feature film

2020 Bone Marrow directed by Hamid Reza Ghorbani
2019 My Secound Year in College directed by Rasoul Sadrameli
2019 The 23 directed by Mehdi Jafari
2018 — 48FM directed by Kiarash Asadizadeh
2018 — Nikido’s Fall directed by Ida Panahandeh
2017 — Israfil directed by Ida Panahandeh
2017 — Nakook directed by Amir Poorkiyan
2016 — Motherhood directed by Roqiye Tavakoli
2015 — Younes directed by Vahid Vakilifar
2015 — Nahid directed by Ida Panahandeh (won in Cannes)

Camera Operator:
2014 — Foreign directed by Bahram Tavakoli
2014 — Mohammad: The Messenger of God, DOP: Vittorio Storaro, Directed by Majid Majidi

TV series:
2013 — DP – TV series Ringdove
2012 — DP – TV series Like me Like you
2013 — DP – TV series Today, tomorrow

2009 — Ando-C directed by Shahram Mokri
2009 — Limit of circle directed by Shahram Mokri
2014 — Sormeh directed by Azadeh Ghochagh
2017 — With Me Directed by Azadeh Ghochagh
DP for more than 14 TV movies
DP for more than 5 TV series
DP for more than 90 short films and documentaries
DP for more than 150 commercials

Diploma of dramatic arts in TV & FILM School
Bachelor of Film Directing in Cinema University
Language: English _ Persian


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